And Never Say Goodbye – First 3 Chapters Free Before Goes Live 10/3!

and-never-say-goodbye_e-bookFor a limited time only for my blogger friends, fans who have found my site, and reviewers, I’d like to offer this new title for free until it goes live on October 3! (Sorry, it’s now only being offered as 3 chapters & Excerpt). I know I’m a little biased, but I honestly have to say it’s my best work yet and I truly want to share it with the world! I’m so damn proud of this story, and I cry every single time I read through it. Every time. I know what happens, yet…It’ll grabNancyboat3 your heart and twist it into a million pieces, I promise you. It’s a unique story set in the world of organ donation on the donor side, and these two people here, Mallory & Lawson, work their asses off to give these grieving families the best care possible. Not only will their heartbreaking love story shred your heart, but the work they do is incredible and uplifting in a world of unfairness. Don’t take my word for it, get the book and get a box of Kleenex because you’ll need one or two…ha! Or you can just wait until it goes on sale and buy/borrow a copy! If you do read, share it with the world and help get the word out there. I really think this is a story that needs to be read, and I’ll do whatever it takes to achieve that. Thanks for reading! Check out the summary below!

Mallory “Ice” McShane lives a quiet life in an old family farmhouse where the illusion of love once existed. When she’s called to take on a donor case, she’s there with open arms to the family in need. She dons her surgical cap and mask and hides her heart. She’s earned the name “Ice” with good reason. But that reason is far deeper than the rumors. Evidence of a past packed away in boxes on a dusty barn floor that haunts her…and a promise still unmet. Time is ticking. She’s getting older. Her future in the hands of a promise she made long ago. As long as her handsome but womanizing colleague stays out of her way, she can make that promise happen.

Surgical preceptor Lawson “Wolf” Gallagher runs the show in the operating room. He’s earned his name by tearing it up in the OR…and with the women. He has a good life. Goes home to his faithful dog every day…works, sleeps, and the occasional female attention. But every time he runs into the

Mallory “Ice” McShane

beautiful but mysterious Mallory McShane, he loses all focus. Even though he’s trained her, she’s become his equal in the OR, commanding his respect. He tries not to listen to the rumors, but he can’t help but wonder what her story is. His mission is to find out.

When Mallory and Lawson come together after an intense donor case in the OR, they realize a love that’s on a path to heartbreak. A promise stands between them, ready to snatch a future that’s already doomed. A future that’s been laid out for Mallory, dashing any hope of another man’s love. Lawson dares to fight this plan. Will Mallory honor the promise…or her heart?

“I just finished reading this and can’t seem to stop crying! I cried through most of the book but there were some really great moments too. Mallory and Lawson were obviously meant to be together. I loved every minute of this story and I really hope there’s more to come! Definitely a five star read.” – Goodreads Reviewer

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