Teasers and Reviews for And Never Let Her Go & And Never Say Goodbye

Check out these sexy teasers for my hot new Town of Destiny Series! I should be working on the next book, but I’m having so much fun! Slade and his tormented thoughts about Erin, right? And Lawson’s desire for Mallory is insane! Love the reviews coming in so far for And Never Say Goodbye!



And Never Say Goodbye

“I just finished reading this and can’t seem to stop crying! I cried through most of the book but there were some really great moments too. Mallory and Lawson were obviously meant to be together. I loved every minute of this story and I really hope there’s more to come! Definitely a five star read.”

This is a very good heart tugging read one women’s past that has a promise that only she knows and she has worked hard to make it she is a dr. in the or and know as the ice dr And then you get the very handsome hunky steamy man dr. that is awesome in the OR and the sack but no emotions no involvement until they meet and really get to know each other loved this story it was great and heart warming did not want to put it down I got this free for an honest review loved it hot sexy steamy and heart tugging one.

Mallory and Lawson work together in organ recovery. It is a very intense and often lonely field. They each have a preconceived notion of the other based on hearsay and rumors among the staff. Lawson, an RN, had trained Mallory and now believes she is every bit as talented as he is. They both go about their jobs differently. He has a deep respect for the loss of a loved one and shows them dignity and care. She often is able to get consent even when it is about to be revoked, with her calming ways. They both struggle with a recent death and find comfort in each other. They both discover that what they had thought regarding the other is not all necessarily true. They begin to fall for each other, but can’t believe it could happen between them. I loved this story. I liked both main characters a great deal. The field of work discussed was done so professionally and with great insight, thanks to the author’s husband’s expertise. I was moved by this book.

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