Happy Indie Author Day! Celebrated with my Library!

authorindieday2016I’d like to wish all indie authors a great first Indie Author Day! Had nancyindie3a great time at my library, meeting up with fellow Chicagoan Romance author, Willow Sanders! Check out her New Adult Contemporary Romance books, Dirty Little Secret series! She shared with me a few little secrets of her own with writing the story, some inside stories! Cannot wait to start reading it! We shared a table and called it the “FUN” table! BUT…a little old lady came by to give us some advice about keeping the doors closed, or “barn doors” closed. Yeah, not happening with contemporary romance, sorry! Maybe in Christian or Clean and Wholesome? If you like spice, that’s what you’ll get with me, ha! I think I turned 50 shades of RED after being Romance-shamed. Ugh. But, she was also the mother of another writer there, and might have been a little upset when readers kept stopping at our nancyindieauthorday2table…not sure. Anyway! It was fun, and got to meet some really cool authors. The daughter of the mayor of my hometown was one…Christine Collins Cacciatore, author of Baylyn, Bewitched! She bought a signed paperback copy of my book, Black 21! Hope you enjoy it, Christine! Will definitely be getting your paranormal stories!

nancyindieHope you got to celebrate or support your favorite indie authors! We’re growing and finallynancyindie4 getting the recognition we deserve! I know you book bloggers are our biggest fans, and love and appreciate you guys so much!

Also, if you haven’t checked out my new release yet, please do. It’s doing fantastic and getting awesome feedback on it! I’ve even gotten some fan mail for And Never Say Goodbye, so cool! Readers are loving my couple, Mallory and Lawson, and I’m so happy about that.





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