Newsletter for Haunting Halloween Deals – Immortal Dance & Immortal Kiss!

I have some 99¢ deals this week for upcoming promotions and getting into the spirit of Halloween. I’ve revamped my Golden Hills Legacy series, changing the titles to Immortal Dance and Immortal Kiss, reflecting the genre better. I’ve also changed their covers to reflect the paranormal romance. And Never Let Her Go is still going strong next to newest release, And Never Say Goodbye! Working on the next in the series, And Never Give Up Hope, another emotional read with a secret you’ll never guess!

Happy Saturday to my favorite people!

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend and have awesome plans! Just a heads up of my sales for the weekend for three of my novels for only 99¢! These are my paranormal romance series, Golden Hills Legacy, and contemporary romance series, Town of Destiny. So whatever you’re in the mood for, to read a haunting tale set in a spooky little town or to cry reading about love and loss, you can’t lose because they all involve love.

I’ve just revamped my PNR with new covers and titles, so if you look at the “Look Inside” of the Amazon sales page, you’ll still find the old cover of Immortal Kiss, which used to be Lana’s Calling. Amazon takes a while to update these things. I’ve also renamed Black 21 to Immortal Dance. I absolutely loved writing this series and hope you check it out. It was fun being a woman with telekinetic powers. Immortal Kiss can be read as a standalone as it’s a new MC, but she is the daughter of the first book couple, Daisy & Christian. I think you’ll also love Jack Red, who plays…let’s just say an intriguing man of mystery. Loved writing him! Then there’s the prequel novella, Rose’s Sin, a short story about how the contract began in Immortal Dance, so if you get it, read last. Readers have said it’ll kill the suspense of the first book if read first. The story explains a lot and was fun to write!

The only book not on sale is my newest And Never Say Goodbye, as it’s not in any upcoming promotions.But this can be borrowed in Kindle Unlimited for free!

Enjoy and don’t forget to leave a review if you do get any of my books. I love to hear your thoughts!

Happy Reading!

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