And Never Lose His Heart on Preorder at Amazon!

I’m thrilled to get the ball rolling for my next book in the Town of Destiny series And Never Lose His Heart, about a widower farmer and a writer finding love. I know I say this all the time, but I absolutely adore this story. I’ve worked with a wonderful cover artist and now have the cover (what do you think?). I also keep saying this story is practically writing itself. It came to me in a soft whisper and took over like a storm. I’m learning right along with Eve about the farming life, but I do have to say my father’s parents came from Indiana (farm country), so maybe I’m being channeled, ha! I love the country life and love seeing the hard-working farmers, cornstalks, and even horses sprinkled throughout my town of Plainfield, IL. I’m a little jealous of my MC Eve for what she gets to do to learn about agriculture for her research. Lucky woman! Anyway, here’s the summary that I’ll probably change a thousand times before it’s published in January, but it gives the gist of it. I have it up on Goodreads, so check it out and add if you’re over there! I already have a four-star rating without having been read! Interesting…but I’ll take it!


and-never-lose-his-heart-nancy-glynn-a-town-of-destiny-novelWhen bestselling author Eve Michaels puts an ad out photo-1463748465553-80db1e6ff830-1seeking hands-on experience in farming for her latest book, she never expects to learn more than about agriculture and horses. She’s set in her single city life until a desperate woman answers the ad and begs her to come even after warning her of a disturbing family event.

Sexy widower Grayson Walker is against having a stranger in photo-1444858291040-58f756a3bdd6his home from the beginning and tries to stop the writer from stepping foot on his land and claiming it, but she not only claims his land in one step…she also claims his closed-off heart.

UJO0jYLtRte4qpyA37Xu_9X6A7388.jpgHowever, the mystery of how Grayson’s wife died bothers Eve. No one seems to talk about it. Will it be enough to keep her on Grayson’s land or make her run back to where she believes she’s safe?

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