When Daisy Lock visits her family in the country, this visit turns into a dark favor asked by a stranger. Twenty-first birthdays take on a whole new meaning in this hideaway town. Thrown into an occult world filled with sinister lies, Daisy spirals down a destructive path of despair, taking risks for Christian Stone, a man she hardly knows. But this man knows her very well. There’s a reason she’s been sheltered.

Christian Stone fell in love with Daisy the moment his 11-year-old eyes met hers. He’s been told about her. Wants to protect her. But a contract holds more evil than he can possibly stop. As his 21st birthday grows closer, he fights the dark power that wants to own him…and Daisy.

When Daisy discovers she’s part of this plan, she learns what real evil is and must escape. Will she and Christian find a way out? Or will the dark forces bring the couple together as planned twenty-one years ago…soulless?

Lana’s Calling: Book Two

lanaeboojTwenty-First birthdays ruined her life, stole her family, and now Lana Stone wants revenge. The house that was demolished at Black 21 in Golden Hills is calling out to her in her dreams, rebuilding itself every year, and whispering her name. Stone Manor wants her. Jack Red is coming for her. When she decides to answer the call after her parents’ death, Jack is ready and waiting. But to run the town the way she wants, she must adhere to the legacy and follow Jack’s rules. Being caught between this world and immortality, Lana rises and claims the power she was born with, opening her heart to Hunter Bane, a man who could destroy it, and a dark need to bring Jack to his knees.